6 Tips for Losing Weight After 40

When women reach the age of 40, losing weight becomes more difficult with each passing year. But difficulty does not mean hopelessness! The main issue with losing weight at this age would be the pre-menopause period. However, we're here to provide you with six tips on how to slim down and keep the pesky pounds off even at this ripe age.

1. Check-in at the doctor once in a while

Firstly, a disclaimer: we do not intend to make you panic but at this age, a certain amount of weight gain automatically sets in even if there is no particular change in diet, or you begin to significantly exercise less. The problem here is that your metabolism slows down as you age and the process is irreversible. However, if you suddenly notice a lot of this weight gain, you should consult a physician, as there might be more to it than just age.

2. Find a suitable sport

You are never too old to move around and do what you like. It is advisable, from this age onwards, to learn to keep yourself busy just as you did up until now. Doctors recommend that you practice some kind of sport or engage in a particular form of physical activity at least 3 times a week, each session lasting at least up to 30 minutes. So don't shy away from moving, just try out different sports and find out which training gives you the most pleasure and motivates you. If one particular sport is too boring for you for three times a week, you can mix things up and try three different exercise programs. You're possibilities are endless here, really.

3. Avoid stress

Those who constantly struggle with stress have a permanently high cholesterol level. As a result, the blood sugar level drops and cravings become a constant companion. The energy, which is then gained through food intake, is not processed correctly for it to be burned, but stored as fat in the body. Do yoga exercises or try a progressive muscle relaxation workout. The more relaxed you are, the more you'll spite those extra kilos.

4. Sufficient sleep is important

I do not think we can stress this enough. Adequate quality sleep, is not only good for the psyche and a fresh look, but also good for weight loss. If you tumble and toss all night, your metabolism slows down and whatever calories you had left from the previous 12 hours, won't end up being used up properly.

5. In the meantime, insert detox days

On the one hand, detox will make you feel better and healthier. On the other hand, this method can also cut off unnecessary kilos. Especially since you have the choice whether to use a 14-day plan for thorough detoxing or if you only select single days a week for this measure.

6. A conscious diet is always better

It is clear that if you continue to eat like you did before the age of 40, you are almost automatically going to be gaining weight because your metabolism is now only getting slower. We advise that you change your diet progressively and increase your whole grains consumption as well as low-fat dairy products and obviously, fresh fruits and vegetables.

We hope that you've found these tips to be useful. Thank you for reading and we wish you the best of luck in maintaining a fresh look throughout your 40's and even longer.

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