5 Tips to Recover Your Figure After Pregnancy

How to get back in shape after pregnancy? We can all imagine the answers: strict diets accompanied by hours and hours of exercises. But there should be more options!

Take a look at the models, the women who work with their body and maintain an ideal weight, and a soft and toned skin as part of their routine, whether or not they are pregnant. This means that they do not neglect their image for a moment.

But what exactly do they do? Can an ordinary woman do the same? In this article, we will tell you 5 of their secrets.

1. Take care of yourself during those nine months

“When you are pregnant, you have to eat for two.” This is false. Feeding a pregnant woman should ensure good nutrition for both mother and baby, but this does not mean eating double. Likewise, taking advantage of this stage and the “cravings” to eat fat and carbs without measure is not a good idea.

It is recommended for pregnant women, models or not, to attend a specialized nutrition consultation, so that a nutrition specialist can evaluate them and determine the best diet to follow during gestation. This ensures the good nutrition of mom and baby, but also weight control, preventing the increases that not only change the aesthetics of the body, but can also be risky for health. Another thing that models do not neglect is sports. Swimming, Pilates, yoga should be part of your routine during pregnancy.

2. Go on a diet from the first minute of postpartum

Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge had a stunning, flat, perfect belly five months after giving birth. How? As soon as she gave birth, she was advised by a nutrition specialist to stop eating “junk food.” Instead, she only ate “clean foods,” like organic fruits and vegetables, and especially much salmon, which contains lots of protein. In addition to that, the model breastfed her baby.

Did you know that breastfeeding helps women eliminate about 500 calories a day? Motherhood helped Lily in the task of lowering those gained pounds, but not all bodies are the same. There are women who go up between 4 and 7 kilos, which is regular, while others acquire much more weight. Therefore, the ideal is to be advised by a nutrition specialist, who will design a personalized diet suitable for your case.

3. Lymphatic drainage

In addition to diet and exercise, one way to boost the body so that it eliminates fats much faster is through the lymphatic drainage treatment. As soon as the postpartum resting stage is finished, the models start this treatment. Removing fluids and draining the fat from localized areas such as legs and arms is the first step.

The next step is the abdomen, which is much more manageable and easy to drain. In addition to that, wearing a postpartum girdle, as our mothers did, helps the skin return to normal. Another treatment that models use is pressotherapy, which is a simple therapy and helps eliminate the accumulations of fluid in your thighs and hips.

4. Physical exercise

Whereas an average woman notices her weight gain and begins to do elliptical, static or dance-type aerobics a couple of times a week, models have personal trainers who guide and motivate them with tough discipline.

Remember that models are accustomed to exercising with a lot of discipline, and their body is toned before they become pregnant. The lesson of this is the importance of maintaining an ideal weight and getting used to practicing some kind of sport before becoming pregnant, for two reasons: to make it easy to recover your figure after giving birth, but also because that guarantees a less risky pregnancy, since you would have a very healthy body to start with.

5. Stretch mark removal

Recovering your figure does not only mean lowering the weight gained, but eliminating or attenuating the dreaded stretch marks that appear from the third month of pregnancy. While these appear because the skin inevitably distends, there is also a genetic factor that defines whether a woman will have more or fewer stretch marks. On the other hand, taking care of your weight during pregnancy prevents the appearance of more stretch marks. That is why adequate nutrition during pregnancy is so important.

Models take care of their nutrition and gain very little weight during gestation, so it is easier for them to make their stretch marks disappear. Creams with vitamin A or alpha and beta hydroxy acids can improve the texture of your skin and eliminate stretch marks. Also, it’s a good idea to opt for specialized esthetic treatments.

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