5 Signs That Your Training Is Ineffective

If you perform the usual program of exercise day by day and do not feel tired at all, then it's time to take your workouts to a new level.

You firmly decided some time ago to regularly attend a fitness club, run in a nearby park in the morning or become a superstar in group classes. At first, each exercise seemed incredibly difficult, an extra effort beyond your reach, and you prayed to all of the Gods that time would speed up, and that it was finally time to go home. At that time, you had no idea what burpees were, and the word even sprung different connotations in your mind that had nothing to do with sports. Nevertheless, after that, you could easily exercise for an hour on the treadmill and not even sweat.

How so? This is called adaptation. And now, when your body is accustomed to the load, you can only sweat a little while doing the usual workout, too easy a one at that. You suddenly find yourself having to press yourself much more to feel the same pain again (and this, believe me, is good!). And now it's time to move on. In order to understand that it's time for you to reconsider your training plan, it's enough to check yourself on this list:

1. You cannot remember the last time you were out of breath during training.

Of course, we all have different levels of endurance. However, the following rule applies to everyone, without exception: a slight breathing difficulty is a sure sign that you are training hard. Or you can always take the conversation test. If you’re training hard enough, you will be completely unable to have one.

2. You constantly train with the same intensity.

Due to the fact that over time, the body gets used to the stresses, regular repetition of the same exercises will soon cease to produce results. It will be harder for you to notice the changes in your body. And this means that it's time to try anaerobic exercises. If you do these exercises for a long time, you will not succeed. You will get tired much faster, because the cardiovascular system cannot provide the muscles with sufficient oxygen to create the necessary amount of energy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with systematic cardio, but take under consideration the fact that you can also try cardio training in the above way.

3. You perform many different exercises throughout the day.

If you have enough energy to run 10 miles, then practice in the area of free weights, do a little more boxing, and then, on top of all that, take up yoga, as it's worth it to test what you have invested into each training session. Be aware, several different training sessions without proper rest may cause injuries. And if you are still sure that one training session per day is not enough for you, we recommend adding training exercises that complement each other. For example, after intense training, it is quite welcome to try yoga.

4. Everything around you takes more than the training process.

If you spend most of the workout switching channels on the TV display or choosing the best song on your music player, it's time to sound an alarm. Of course, the choices for your training soundtrack play a considerable role, but this should not deter your focus. If you think this is the case with you, it is surely time to change something.

5. You have a feeling of unfulfillment after the end of training.

Regardless of how you train, you should feel a certain fulfillment after your training. Perhaps you managed to do a new yoga pose or you succeeded in lifting a heavier weight – anything that will make you say to yourself: "Yes, I did it!" And if there is no such a feeling, you need to push harder.

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