10 Habits that are Bad for Your Body Shape

Every woman dreams of an ideal body shape and constantly thinks about how to improve it. They use diets, sports, cosmetic means and cosmetic procedures, and many other things. Our body shape is mainly influenced by our habits. By getting rid of some of them, you can significantly improve your appearance. What are these habits?

1. Skipping lunch

This always disastrously affects the figure, because it increases snack consumption after a long period of starvation. In addition, without getting food for a good while, the body starts to think that hard times are coming and accumulates fat, preferring to put it on the waist, hips and buttocks.

2. Refusing animal protein

Do you refuse tuna steaks, other meat dishes and milk, because they have a lot of calories? This is fundamentally the wrong theory! These products contain a huge amount of protein, which speeds up the metabolism and, as a result, has a beneficial effect on the figure.

3. Thinking that bread makes you fat

Yes, that is right. But only when it comes to white bread and various buns – they do not contain fiber. Say "Yes!" only to whole-grain and unleavened bread that raises insulin slowly and improves the functioning of the digestive tract.

4. Having a passive lifestyle

You'll never get rid of those extra pounds by lying on the couch in front of the TV. Strength and cardio training will quickly tighten the muscles and help you lose those maligned pounds. If you do this regularly, of course.

5. Drinking alcohol

The stronger the alcohol, the more calories it contains. It does not satisfy hunger, but rather, on the contrary, it helps to strengthen it. But if refusing it is impossible for some reason, choose dry red wine only – it contains a substance that prevents the growth of fat cells.

6. Always using sauces

Sauces are a hell of a mixture of sugar, fat and carcinogens. Yes, without ketchup, mayonnaise or cheese sauce, even the most delicious dish seems flavorless, instead of fresh and tasty. The whole point is that the manufacturer is least concerned with calories, they are much more concerned with flavor enhancers and preservatives. But, as you know, there is always a way out: make sauces of your own – it's easy, and the main thing is that it’s healthy.

7. Considering fats the enemy

If animal fats are better to be limited (but not eliminated), vegetable fats can and should be consumed in any quantities! They lower cholesterol and burn abdominal fat. Try to use vinegar with olive oil in vegetable salads and you will notice the first results very soon. And, of course, do not give up nuts.

8. Being confident in the usefulness of flakes

In fact, they are marginally useful. This is a semi-finished product, fried in oil, flattened and dried. In a bowl of milk and cereal, there is more sugar than in a sweet cheese bun. Replace the morning muesli with fiber-rich oatmeal – it's a fast and healthy breakfast.

9. Believing the word "Light"

Carbonated drinks marked "light" contribute to an increase in appetite, because the manufacturer replaces sugar with a synthetic analog, for example, saccharin. When you use this substance, the stomach feels the sweetness, but does not get glucose and requires its portion of carbohydrates, which will be consumed until the sugar level rises. So, if you want a drink – drink water or mineral water!

10. Abusing cheese

Yes, it is a very useful product. But when you eat Italian pasta, plentifully sprinkled with grated cheese – you risk eating much more than you should and not noticing it. A pair of slices of low-fat cheese is all that you can afford if you want to have a healthy body shape.

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